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Molybdenum electrode

- Dec 26, 2018 -

                                        Molybdenum electrode

The balanced pressure formed by molybdenum electrodes is sintered in an intermediate frequency furnace after forging, then rotated, rolled, planned and milling are of various types. It is used as electric heating glass fiber furnace equipment. Used in glass industry. It can exist in 1300 degrees Celsius glass solution and has a long life. It is also used in rare earth industry.

Appearance: Silver gray metal gloss grade

Chemical composition: molybdenum > = 99.9%, impurity <= 0.10%

Polar Physical Properties: Density > = 9.5g/cm3

Structure: Molybdenum bolt (shaft), molybdenum and molybdenum electrodes constitute nut plate

Performance: Good heat resistance at high temperature

Main applications: Molybdenum electrode as electric heating glass fiber furnace equipment. Mainly used in glass and rare earth industry

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