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Tantalulm alloys and Tantalulm Plate & rod

- May 16, 2018 -


Atomic Symbol :   Ta 

Atomic Number :   73

Melting Point :   3017°C (boiling point 5458°C)

Density       :   16.69 g/cc

Tantalum Plate/Sheet    


Tantalum Plate/Sheet is widely used in industrial furnace, chemical industry, aerospace and marine, healthcare, capacitor, sputtering target.

Ta disc.jpg


Tantalum rod/bar 

Tantalum rod/bar is widely used in industrial furnace, chemical industry, aerospace, marine and healthcare.

Tantalum bar.jpg 

Tantalum and its alloy tube are mainly applied in chemical and high temperature technology fields due to its corrosion— resistant property, such as reaction container, pipe, condenser, heat exchangers, spiral coil, thermowell, and liquid metal container, etc. 

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