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Tantalum and Tantalum alloys

- Jan 25, 2019 -

                                                      Tantalum and Tantalum alloys

  Tantalum alloys are alloys based on tantalum with other elements added. Tantalum anodic oxide film is very stable, corrosion resistance, excellent dielectric properties, suitable for manufacturing electrolytic capacitors.The main alloys are tantalum-tungsten alloys.

  Among refractory metals, the plasticity of tantalum at low temperature is the best, and its plasticity-brittleness transition temperature is lower than - 196 C. To develop tantalum alloys, it is necessary to consider maintaining the excellent low temperature plasticity of tantalum.Tantalum-tungsten alloys based on tantalum and adding a certain amount of tungsten to form tantalum-tungsten alloys。Ta-tungsten alloys are Ta-2.5W, Ta-7.5W and Ta-10W. These Tantalum Alloys maintain the low temperature plasticity of pure tantalum, and have high strength and oxidation resistance.Tantalum-tungsten alloys have been widely used in chemical and aerospace industries because their strength is higher than pure tantalum and their corrosion resistance is similar to pure tantalum.

  Ta-2.5W alloy is mainly used to manufacture heaters, cooling coils, heat exchangers and reactors. Ta-7.5w alloy is mainly used as spring material and other corrosion-resistant elastic components in chemical corrosion equipment.

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