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Tantalum properties and uses

- Dec 06, 2018 -

                                    Tantalum properties and uses

The melting point of tantalum is 2980 °C, which is the third most refractory metal after tungsten and Rhenium.Although the melting point and boiling point of tantalum are high, the electron escape work is lower than that of refractory metals such as tungsten and Molybdenum. Due to the weak ability to emit electrons, it has been applied in electric vacuum technology.

Tantalum and niobium are similar in physical and chemical properties, so they coexist in natural minerals. The classification of tantalum or niobium ores is mainly based on the content of tantalum and niobium in minerals. When the content of niobium is high, it is called niobium ores, and when the content of tantalum is high, it is called tantalum ores.

Capacitors are the main final consumption area of tantalum, accounting for about 60% of total consumption. The United States is the largest consumer of tantalum, and Japan is the second.