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The Introduction of Tungsten Molybdenum Alloys

- Sep 30, 2018 -

 The  Introduction  Tungsten Molybdenum Alloys                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Tungsten molybdenum alloys containing two elements molybdenum and tungsten alloy, which includes to molybdenum base molybdenum tungsten alloy and tungsten base of tungsten and molybdenum alloy series. This kind of alloy can be formed at any rate, and it is all solid solution alloy at all temperatures.

W-Mo alloy produce method is same with molybdenum metal materials and molybdenum alloys material. That is, the metallurgy powder is sintered and then processing or smelting, then they can be produced rod, plate, wire or other profiles.


Wu-Mo Alloy Brief Introduction

Wu & Mo alloy(Wu content 30%) has excellent resistance to liquid zinc corrosion. They are used for manufacturing in zinc smelting industry of agitator, lining of pipelines and vessels and other parts. Tungsten and molybdenum alloy because of the good high temperature strength, performance and tungsten similar and the proportion is smaller than that of tungsten, so it can be used as high-temperature conditions corresponding to the rockets and missiles in the high temperature components, electronic tube filament, parts and other materials for high temperature.

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