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What is TZM alloy

- Nov 21, 2018 -

                                                   What is TZM alloy

    TZM alloy is Titnaium-Zirconium-Molybdenum Alloy,

   TZM alloy has good mechanical properties, especially at high temperature, and its mechanical properties are better than pure molybdenum.



TZM alloy is widely used in many fields because of its high melting point, high strength, high modulus of elasticity, low linear expansion coefficient, low vapor pressure, good conductivity and thermal conductivity, strong corrosion resistance and good high temperature mechanical properties.


 TZM is also widely used as plate material for high temperature structure materials, such as furnace wall of high temperature furnace and heat shield of hot isostatic press.

Preparation method:

     Powder metallurgy has unique chemical composition and mechanical and physical properties which can not be obtained by traditional casting methods. The high purity molybdenum powder was mixed with TiH2 powder, ZrH2 powder and graphite powder in proportion, then formed by cold isostatic pressing, and then sintered at high temperature in a protective atmosphere to obtain TZM billet. After hot rolling (high temperature forging), high temperature annealing, medium temperature hot rolling (medium temperature forging), medium temperature annealing to eliminate stress, and then warm rolling (warm forging) to obtain TZM finished products. The rolling (forging) process and subsequent heat treatment of the billet have great influence on the properties, anisotropy and texture of the material.

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