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Sputtering Target

  • Tantalum Target
    Tantalum Target
    1.Material: Pure Tantalum
    2.Standard : ASTM B708 RO5200
    3.Purity:≥99.90% or 99.99%
    4.Type:Circular target ,Rectangular target
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  • Molybdenum Target
    Molybdenum Target
    1.Product name:Molybdenum Target
    4.Plate Target: Weight:≤200kg/pc, Length:≤Φ165mmΧ1000mm
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  • Nickel Target
    Nickel Target
    1.Product name:Nickel plate/Nickel target
    2.Purity :99.6%,99.9%,99.99%
    3.Condition:annealed or unannealed
    4.Application:Nickel plate could be used as sputtering target in PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) coating, anode plate in electronic...
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  • Titanium Target
    Titanium Target
    XIAN ECON INDUSTRIAL CORP. supplies pure Titanium sputtering target
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  • Niobium Target
    Niobium Target
    Niobium target is used as decoration coating film and optical films of cold light lamp and sunglass.
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  • Tungsten Target
    Tungsten Target
    We manufacture quality sputtering targets with pure Tungsten.
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