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Molybdenum Target

Molybdenum Target

1.Product name:Molybdenum Target
4.Plate Target: Weight:≤200kg/pc, Length:≤Φ165mmΧ1000mm

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   Sputtering is an advanced technology for preparing thin film materials. It uses ions generated by ion sources to accelerate the accumulation of high-speed ion currents in vacuum, bombards the solid surface, and exchanges kinetic energy between the ions and the atoms on the solid surface, so that the atoms on the solid surface leave the target and deposit on the surface of the substrate, thus forming nano or micron films. The solid that was bombarded was the raw material of sputtering thin film, called sputtering target.Sputtering target is a new type of product applied to Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) .

1.Product name:Molybdenum Target<br>



4.Plate Target: Weight:≤200kg/pc, Length:≤Φ165mmΧ1000mm

The Application of Molybdenum target

1、 Flat panel displays

2、Glass industry (include architectural glass, automobile glass, optical film glass)

3、Solar cells

4、Surface engineering

5、 Recording media


7、Automobile lights and decorative coating, etc..

The Molybdenum sputtering targets we can provide are as follows

Molybdenum sputtering targets.png

Packaging Service: The product is surrounded by foam cushion, and the outer packing is packed in wooden cases. We support professional export packaging

Delivery Service: According to customer requirements. We usually transport by  UPS, DHL ect.

Product show:

Molybdenum target.jpg

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