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Titanium Tube

Titanium Tube

XIAN ECON INDUSTRIAL CORP. supplies cost-effective titanium tube. We devote ourselves to minerals metallurgy for many years.

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 Titanium tube

The Specification of Titanium tube

Titanium Tube.png

The Application of Titanium tube

-- Electroplating equipment, precision instruments, ring, environmental protection equipment.

-- Thermal power engineering condenser, heat exchanger, engine vane.

-- Bicycle and automobile exhaust tubing, cooling pipe.


The Advantage of Titanium tube


--Low Density.

--Excellent Corrosion Resistance in acid and alkali salt.

--High heat transfer capability.

--Good biocompatibility.

--Low elasticity module.

--Low thermal expansion coefficient.

--Superior strength-to-density ratios.

--Good strength at low and high temperature.

The Application of Titanium tube

--Petrochemical industry.

--Machining field, Automobile field, etc.

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