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Niobium Tube

Niobium Tube

XIAN ECON INDUSTRIAL CORP. supplies quality pure niobium tube and niobium alloy tube. which is widely used in chemical industry, or as superconductor material etc.

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Niobium Tube

Niobium tube is widely used in Chemical industry, or as superconductor material etc.



Niobium possesses excellent properties like high melting point, high corrosion resistance, low evaporation pressure and very good cold workability. One important usage of Niobium tubes is in high-pressure sodium lamp. With great corrosion resistance against melting metals like sodium, niobium is a non-substitute choice.


Material : pure Niobium, Niobium alloy

Executive Standard: As per ASTM B394-98

The Specification of Niobium Tube:

Niobium tube.png

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