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  • 99.5% Molybdenum Part
    99.5% Molybdenum Part
    1.Product name:99.5% Molybdenum part
    4.Size:to customer drawing
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  • GR2 Titanium Target
    GR2 Titanium Target
    1.Product name:GR2 Titanium target
    2.Grade:GR2 Titanium,GR4 Titanium,GR5 Titanium
    3.Standard:ASTM B348 ,ASTM B381
    4.Size:500mm x 175mm x 10mm or per customer drawing
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  • 99.95%Ground Tungsten Plates
    99.95%Ground Tungsten Plates
    1.Product name:Ground Tungsten plates
    2.Grade: W1
    3.Purity: W1≥99.95%, W1 Alloy≥99.1%
    4.Density:≥19.2g/cm3 5.Executive standard:ASTM B760
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  • Pure Molybdenum Screw
    Pure Molybdenum Screw
    Molybdenum screws 1.Density :> =10.2g/cm3
    2 Purity :> =99.95%
    3 Dimension: as your request
    4.Applications:Molybdenum screw are used link parts for high temperature vacuum furnace
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  • Ground Molybdenum Disc
    Ground Molybdenum Disc
    1.Product Name:Ground molybdenum disc
    2.Grade: Mo1, MoLa, TZM
    3.Purity: Mo≥99.95%
    4.Standard:ASTM B386
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  • Forged Molybdenum Crucible
    Forged Molybdenum Crucible
    1.Material:pur molybdenum
    3.Standard:ASTM B386
    4.Condition:Forged &machined
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  • Tantalum Target
    Tantalum Target
    1.Material: Pure Tantalum
    2.Standard : ASTM B708 RO5200
    3.Purity:≥99.90% or 99.99%
    4.Type:Circular target ,Rectangular target
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  • Ion Source Filament
    Ion Source Filament
    1.Ion source tungsten filaments are made of selected high-quality material of tungsten,with the properties of excellent thermal conductivity,finely processed,and long duration.
    2.Unusual stranded tungsten filaments are applied as evaporator (heating...
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  • 91W/Ni/Fe Tungsten Alloy
    91W/Ni/Fe Tungsten Alloy
    1.High density tungsten alloy is a series of tungsten alloys combined with some of other alloying elements including Ni, Fe, Cu.
    3.We offer two series of Tungsten Heavy Alloys: W-Ni-Fe(magnetic) and W-Ni-Cu(nonmagnetic).
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  • Customized Tantalum Thermowells
    Customized Tantalum Thermowells
    Tantalum thermowells are often used to protect thermocouples when monitoring the temperature of highly corrosive chemical solutions and agents.
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  • Molybdenum Sintering Boat
    Molybdenum Sintering Boat
    1.Product name:Molybdenum Sintering boat
    2.Material:pur molybdenum /Mo/La
    3.Surface:Grit blast or chemical cleaned ,Or we can supply as the customers' need
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  • Molybdenum Evaporation Boat
    Molybdenum Evaporation Boat
    1.Item name:Molybdenum Evaporation Boat
    2.Purity: >99.95%
    3.Shape: Boat or According to The Drawings
    4.Application:Evaporate small lengths of wire, granular or pellet,For experimental and prototype work
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